Faculty of Travel Medicine/Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow – Travel Medicine Roadshow – 24 April 2019 

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The Scottish Practice Nurses Association was formed in 1989 by a group of experienced Practice Nurses from all over Scotland who firmly believed in the concept of Practice Nursing as a provision of specialist care in its own right.

In 1994 the Association successfully lobbied MPs in a campaign to have Practice Nursing recognised as a specialist qualification within nursing and the new UKCC Registration qualification.  The campaign at the time was viewed as “an example of nurses working together to change and negotiate their role within the new Government vision of health care”.

Over the years Practice Nurses have given up their time to work for the SPNA.  The organisation which they believe in by providing education and actively participating in national meetings, conferences and committees, promoting and negotiating the role of Practice Nurses within primary care.  A role which is now essential for the delivery of patient care in the community.

In 2009 it was agreed that there would no longer be a membership fee

We hope to encourgage contact with as many Practice Nurses as possible.

Mission Statement

  • To promote Practice Nursing within the Nursing profession and the Primary Health Care Team.
  • To be involved in the development of Practice Nursing policies – local, national and international.
  • To act as a professional support to nurses working in General Practice.
  • To further Practice Nurse education.

Criteria For Membership

Membership of the SPNA shall be open to any registered Nurse who works in the field of General Practice Nursing in Scotland who is currently employed either in a full-time, part-time or job-sharing basis, providing GPN services in any of the follow settings:

  • General Practice
  • Out of Hours GP Services – Triage
  • Out of Hours GP Services – Clinical
  • Schools
  • Prisons